AMD Debuts Radeon R9 Fury Graphics Cards

Hoping to claw its way back into the processor market, AMD just rolled out a new line of graphics cards boasting features such as high-bandwidth memory and DirectX 12 support. The new graphics cards, which are being targeted specifically at the gaming market, promise support for super high-resolution games and virtual reality graphics capabilities.

The two new lineups, dubbed Radeon R7 300, R9 300 and R9 Fury, will range in price from $109 to $649 in order to cover a broad swath of the GPU market. The chipmaker said that the new products will be available in a variety of form factors.

The High-Performance Strategy

The announcement is part of the companyEUs recent decision to focus more heavily on the market for high-powered chips, both for graphics and CPUs. Although AMD has always taken second place among chipmakers to its larger rival Intel, the company once commanded a substantial chunk of the market. It was also particularly well regarded by gamers and other power users for producing powerful chips at competitive prices.

But the company has suffered in recent years, commanding only a fraction of the market and hemorrhaging money. Last month Lisa Su, who was appointed CEO in October, promised to turn the chipmaker around by refocusing its strategy on building high-end products for the power user and enterprise markets.

Fury Road

The crown jewel of the new lineup is the Radeon R9 Fury series. The top-line chip, an HBM-powered card, features both liquid- and air-cooled options, and a super-small form factor option called the Nano. The company said the compact design of the chips provides more options and flexibility for system integrators, do-it-yourselfers, and modders. The Fury also comes with 4096-bit high-bandwidth memory along with a customizable GPU activity meter for measuring processor utilization.

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