Amazon, VMware Trade Blows Over Cloud

Tech giants Amazon and VMware are stepping on each otherEUs toes. Days ago, Amazon launched a management portal for vCenter -- aimed at poaching VMware's customers -- and VMware is up in arms about it.

The new portal promises to make Amazon Web Services (AWS) more accessible to the vCenter audience. In fact, Amazon boldly declared that VMware vCenter users will be comfortable in this new environment right away.

EUI believe that IT Managers will find this blend of centralized control and cloud power to be a potent mix,EU Amazon Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in a blog post. EUvCenter administrators can exercise full control over hybrid IT environments (both on-premises and EC2 instances) using a single UI. They have full control over cloud-based resources, and can dole out permissions to users on a per-environment basis, all coupled with single sign-on to existing Active Directory environments.EU

VMware Fires Back

VMware responded on Monday with a blog post to counter AmazonEUs bold move against the virtualization company. Chris Wolf, CTO of VMware, said he often hears about workloads that are initially developed on a particular cloud providerEUs infrastructure that cannot be redeployed or migrated anywhere else.

EUTo be clear, nothing is technically impossible. ItEUs always a matter of the migration costs outweighing the benefits,EU he said. EUMany times organizations want to move workloads developed in a public cloud to their private cloud for reasons such as security, compliance or lowering costs. In other cases, service stacks may need to be distributed globally to 40 or more countries and rebuilding those stacks on various infrastructures can cost millions.EU

Wolf made it clear that rebuilding the management infrastructure is anything but EUeasy.EU He said management dependencies are massive and are like a game of Jenga -- take one away and the whole service stack can come tumbling...

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