Amazon Go Stores Will Open in at Least Six More Cities

Amazon has made no secret of its desire to become a force in the traditional retail world as much as it is in the e-commerce universe. If anyone needed any evidence of that, just remember that last year Amazon acquired your friendly, local Whole Foods Market, and every Whole Foods Market store, for $13.7 billion.

But selling groceries under another brand name isn't the only thing in Amazon's retail plans. Last month, Amazon opened its first Amazon Go store in Seattle, a store that is most notable for not having cashiers to help shoppers check out and pay for their purchases.

And Amazon doesn't plan on just making that Seattle store a single showcase. The company is said to be on track to open up as many as six more Amazon Go stores this year. According to Recode, Amazon intends to open some of the new stores in its Seattle hometown, and at least one store in Los Angeles.

No other cities have been reported as possible locations for an Amazon Go store.

According to Recode, Amazon has held talks about setting up an Amazon Go store at The Grove, a 600,000-square-foot outdoor shopping center in L.A. that is run by billionaire developer Rick Caruso.

The central facet of the Amazon Go store, and future stores, is what Amazon has called Just Walk Out Technology. When shoppers go into a store, they scan their phones, start shopping and are charged electronically for their purchases. The technology, while only in use at Amazon's first store in Seattle, aims to eliminate the need for cashiers or checkout stands at retail outlets.

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