Amazon Debuts AWS Platform for Managing IoT Devices

Launching today in beta, Amazon's AWS IoT is aimed at enabling companies to more easily connect millions, or even billions, of devices to the emerging Internet of Things. Backed by a "growing ecosystem" of partners and already being tested by organizations like NASA, AWS IoT is a managed cloud service designed to help connect, monitor and control everything from light bulbs and sensors in industrial equipment to consumer electronics and vehicle fleets.

The new service was announced today on the second day of Amazon's re:Invent 2015 conference taking place in Las Vegas. The company has unveiled several new services since the start of the conference, including QuickSight for cloud-powered business intelligence, new services -- Snowball and Kinesis Firehose -- for transferring large amounts of data into the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud, and a new business group launched in partnership with Accenture.

News about AWS IoT came out as Amazon CTO Werner Vogels gave a keynote address this morning along with speakers from BMW, Intel and Remind. Intel is also one of several AWS IoT semiconductor partners, which also include Arrow, Broadcom, Microchip, Qualcomm, SeedStudio and Texas Instruments.

'Device Shadows' for Offline Control

AWS IoT, "enables a whole ecosystem of manufacturers, service providers, and application developers to easily connect their products to the cloud at scale, take action on the data they collect, and create a new class of applications that interact with the physical world," said Marco Argenti, vice president for mobile and IoT at AWS.

Using HTTP, REST and Message Queue Telemetry Transport, AWS IoT allows users to let their various devices "talk" and interact with one another no matter which protocol individual devices use. The service also creates virtual "Device Shadows" of connected devices that store information about each device's latest state, enabling users to specify actions or changes even...

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