Amazon Challenges Business Intelligence Vendors with QuickSight

QuickSight from Amazon is giving business intelligence (BI) a cloud twist. Announced today at its re:Invent 2015 conference in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is positioning the new tool as a way to make it easy for just about anybody to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis and tap into business insights from data on hand.

Amazon QuickSight uses what the company called a "super-fast, parallel, in-memory calculation engine," or SPICE for short, to roll out calculations and visualizations. The technology automatically integrates with AWS data services and makes it possible for organizations to scale to hundreds of thousands of users.

Amazon says SPICE works using a combination of columnar storage, in-memory technologies made possible by hardware innovations, machine code generation, and data compression to allow users to run interactive queries on large datasets and get rapid responses.

EUIn a world increasingly dominated by connected devices and mobile users and where corporate data is moving to the cloud, our customers continue to collect and store massive amounts of their data across a wide range of AWSEU data services,EU said Raju Gulabani, vice president of database services at Amazon Web Services, in a statement. EUThese customers have been asking AWS for an analytics solution that can enable every one of their users to gain insights and make rapid decisions using this data.EU

WhereEUs the Beef?

HereEUs AmazonEUs pitch: Many BI solutions demand that data engineering teams spend weeks or months building complex data models before an end user can generate even a single report. ThatEUs a common complaint -- and itEUs not new.

Amazon said the feedback from its customers suggests that many BI solutions lack interactive data exploration and visualization, which limits users to canned reports and pre-selected queries. And thatEUs not the only complaint with the status quo of the BI market.

The company...

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