Amazon Bans Flash Ads from Web Site

E-commerce giant Amazon has put the kibosh on Adobe Flash. The e-commerce giant announced a change in its ad policy to eliminate Flash ads on the site starting September 1. The Flash ban aims to ensure customers have consistent experiences on Amazon.

Recent browser setting updates from Google Chrome as well as existing browser settings from Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari that limit Flash content displayed on Web pages, led the company to make the move. Beyond Flash, Amazon is also concerned about automatic downloads in ads.

EUAdvertisements must not trigger downloads of software to a user's computer without first providing the user with clear and conspicuous disclosures regarding the installation, operation and removal of the software, and providing the user with an opportunity to decline to install the software after such disclosures are made,EU according to Amazon.

Was Is about Security?

We turned to Tim Erlin, director of IT security and risk strategy at advanced threat detection firm Tripwire, to get his thoughts on AmazonEUs move. While it may seem obvious that AmazonEUs decision was made with security in mind, he told us itEUs not necessarily true.

EUWith more and more users disabling Flash or using a EUclick-to-playEU setting in their browser, Flash-based ads simply arenEUt being seen as effectively,EU Erlin said. EUAfter all, who specifically enables Flash to view a banner ad?EU Good question. Erin said AmazonEUs move is an example of security driving a meaningful change in the industry.

EUWhile Amazon may not be directly concerned about the vulnerabilities in Flash, enough users -- and browsers -- have disabled it because of security to effectively force a change from Amazon,EU Erlin said. EUIf other advertising networks follow suit, it will force attackers to move to a different, and hopefully less effective, platform for malvertizing.EU

Why Gang Up on Flash?

Flash came under fire...

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