Adobe Updates Creative Cloud with ‘Magic’ Photoshop Tools

In a major update to its Creative Cloud offering, Adobe today rolled out a variety of new tools and services for artists, designers, photographers and filmmakers. Among the added features are "Magic" tools such as content-aware cropping that automatically fills in empty space after users rotate or expand images and support for one-click integration of stock images into Photoshop documents.

Adobe is also expanding its portfolio of stock images for subscribers with a new premium collection of curated images designed to meet the standards of leading magazines, brands and ad agencies.

A future update also aims to make it easier for creative professionals to monetize their work, Adobe said. That update, which is "coming soon," will enable artists and designers to more easily promote and distribute their work through Adobe Stock.

Coming Soon: Intelligent Auto-Tagging

The coming monetization features will give stock contributors "an easy on-ramp to showcase and sell their creative work," said Sean Foley, Adobe's vice president of Creative Cloud product marketing, in a blog post today. He added that a new Contributor Portal, now in beta, "will feature intelligent auto-tagging capabilities to make contributions even faster and easier."

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already driving several other new Photoshop features announced today. For instance, the Content-Aware Crop tool uses AI to fill in gaps left after users rotate or resize images and the Face-Aware Liquify tool automates special-effect adjustments to facial features like eyes, noses and mouths.

Another new tool, Character Animator Preview, automatically matches a human actor's speech and movements to a cartoon character's actions. The tool was recently featured in a live, on-air Q&A "Simpsons" episode with Homer Simpson, as well as in The Late Show host's Stephen Colbert's live "interview" with an animated Donald Trump character.

Adobe is also rolling out a new font recognition technology first...

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