Adobe Rolls Out New Tool for Enterprise App Development

Software maker Adobe is hoping the latest update to its Experience Manager tool, dubbed Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, will allow companies to develop and maintain enterprise apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms using the existing Adobe Experience Manager platform.

?EU?Mobile apps are integral to the enterprise, yet brands struggle with how to build, manage and deliver mobile experiences that consumers have grown accustomed to,?EU? said Nick Bogaty, senior director, Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, in a statement. ?EU?Adobe Experience Manager Mobile brings the simplicity, functionality and design that people expect to enterprise apps.?EU?

Faster Mobile App Development

Adobe made the announcement at the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona this week. The mobile version of the Experience Manager tool should allow anyone within an organization to create a template for a mobile app and integrate it with internal data resources, according to the company.

Among the advantages of the new tool is the ability for companies to use existing content and apply it to mobile apps. Enterprises will be able to incorporate content from any existing content management system or digital asset management system, including Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Assets, and create new mobile app channels.

Organizations will be able to use the same content, workflows, and teams to cross-publish between enterprise Web sites and apps. The Experience Manager tool can also be integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud to access other content assets.

The company?EU?s goal is to make it easier for designers and marketers to build mobile apps more quickly. Once launched, developers can use the Cordova device APIs (application program interfaces) and plug-ins to connect enterprise systems including CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) for personalization and data capture, and product information management tools for scalable product catalogs.

Analytics Included

The update also features a unified dashboard...

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