Adobe Launches Slate, a Free Storytelling App for the iPad

A new, free iPad app promises to make it easier than ever to turn words and images into stories that can be published in minutes as laid-out Web content. Adobe Thursday released Slate, which is aimed at both personal and business users who want to create impactful Web presentations.

Slate can be used by students, teachers, non-profit organizations, small-business owners or corporate communicators, according to Adobe. The app can turn reports, newsletters or travel adventures into documents that capture attention, the company said.

"In todayEUs digital world, everyone wants to share engaging Web-based stories that stand out, but often people donEUt have the right tools to easily create something impactful," said Paul Gubbay, Adobe vice president of product development. "With our move to Creative Cloud, weEUre able to tap into our pro-level creative software expertise and bring it to a much wider audience with new tools -- first with Adobe Voice and now Slate."

Automatically Adapts

The new app uses fonts, colors and motion to let content automatically adapt to any device for reading on tablets, smartphones or computers. Slate creations are links that can be shared via text message, e-mail, embedded in Web sites, or posted on social media channels.

Slate follows up on Adobe Voice, an app for creating animated videos that was named one of the Apple App StoreEUs Best New Apps of 2014. Similar to Voice, Slate features a collection of themes that can be dropped into a presentation with a single tap. SlateEUs interface lets users add text, choose the right photo layout and apply looks and motion.

Users can also use Slate to add such features as call-to-action buttons that link to online sites and other relevant information, encouraging readers to "donate now," "volunteer," or "learn more."

"One of the things that I love about Slate is how...

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