Adblock Plus Rolls Out Ad-Blocking Android Browser

With the rapid growth in mobile computing, Web advertising these days targets users of cellphones and tablets as much as it does desktop Web surfers. To make it easier for mobile users to block unwanted ads, Adblock Plus announced on Wednesday that it is releasing an ad-filtering browser for Android.

Adblock Browser for Android is the first browser to provide ad blocking as an integrated feature, according to the Germany-based company. Based on Mozilla's Firefox browser, the Adblock Browser is currently available in beta form.

To download the Adblock Browser, users first have to join the new Google Plus community for the app, and then click the "beta opt-in" link. That will enable users to download the browser, install it and begin testing it.

A 'Natural Progression'

We reached out to Richard Mullikin, a U.S.-based spokesperson for Adblock Plus, who told us that since launching, the Google Plus community page for the beta browser had already had more than 11,500 sign ups. The company will use comments and feedback from community members to fine-tune the browser over time, he added. "It was a natural progression for Adblock Plus to move into our own browser for mobile devices," Mullikin said.

The company had already offered mobile apps -- Adblock Plus for Android and Adblock Plus for Firefox -- for users seeking to control the advertising they encountered while browsing on their phones or tablets. However, accessing and updating those apps became more complicated in the wake of Google's 2013 decision to remove Adblock Plus and similar apps from its Play Store. The mobile add-on continued to be available as a download from other app stores, as well as from Adblock Plus' own Web site.

An Alternative to Extension Limitations

Another issue that limited Adblock Plus for Android was the fact that the app...

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