Acer Shows Off First Convertible Chromebook at IFA

Taiwanese electronics company Acer wants your next convertible to be a laptop. A Chromebook, to be exact. Although the company has been selling laptops in the Chromebook space for four years, one of its latest models, the Chromebook R 11 (pictured), is its first convertible notebook. Acer unveiled the new laptop at the IFA 2015 consumer electronics show taking place in Berlin this week.

The new model is capable of transitioning between four different modes: laptop, pad, display, and tent mode. Acer is pitching the device as a flexible machine that works equally well in the office and at home.

Convertible and Flexible

One of the keys to the flexibility of the R 11 is its 360-degree dual-torque hinge design, which allows it to quickly switch between laptop and pad modes. The model supports both landscape and portrait displays while in tablet mode. Even better, its audio channel output will automatically reverse itself as the display changes orientation.

The dual-torque hinge also helps keep the device secure as a user interacts with the touchscreen while itEUs in display mode. The 360-degree range, meanwhile, lets users adjust the screen as needed. While in display mode, the R 11 hides its keyboard and brings the screen closer to the user.

In keeping with its Chromebook design, the R 11 sports a thin profile of just 19.2 mm and tips the scales at a scant 1.25 kg (about 2.8 pounds), which Asus hopes will make it convenient for users to slip into their book bags and backpacks. The laptop will be powered by an Intel Celeron processor and feature a USB 3.0 port.

Work and Play

To appeal to road warriors and enterprise clients, Acer is highlighting the deviceEUs security features, which include easy sharing between multiple user accounts and cloud storage to allow them...

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