A New Brand Name Powers Wireless Charging

The Alliance for Wireless Power, or A4WP for short, is going where no charging technology has gone before. The alliance just debuted a consumer-facing brand that will serve as the official name for its wireless power technology: Rezence.

Rezence uses the principles of magnetic resonance to extend wireless power applications beyond the mat and accessories market into mobile devices and almost any surface. A4WP is working to build a global wireless charging ecosystem based on Rezence technology.

Board of director companies include Broadcom, Gill Electronics, IDT, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung and SEMCO. A4WP will leverage the Rezence brand to support its product certification program by providing consumers with a recognizable icon that member companies can add to Rezence-certified product packaging, technical literature and future software applications. A4WP expects to launch the product certification program at the end of 2013.

The Essence of Resonance

Geoff Gordon, A4WP marketing committee chair, admitted it was a challenge for the A4WP marketing committee and its branding agency to create a distinct and easy to recognize brand concept that would speak to the unique benefits its technology brings to the wireless charging ecosystem.

"The name Rezence was derived from the words resonance and essence, communicating both the underlying technology and its ability to charge all types of electronic devices," he said. "The Rezence logo includes a simple, iconic mark in the form of a Z that can also be used as a standalone mark on a variety of applications."

This branding brings A4WP one step closer to its mission to publish technical specifications, maintain global testing and certification processes, and actively promoting the benefits of wireless charging technology throughout the consumer electronics industry.

Friendly Wireless Charging

"The new Rezence brand is much more than an icon, it's a promise to consumers that devices carrying the Rezence logo will be interoperable with...

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