A New Bookmark Manager for Chrome

It's been a problem for users ever since the infancy of Web browsers: bookmark bloat. Now, Google's new bookmark manager can offer some efficiency and tidiness to how your bookmarks are stored. Bookmark Manager, a new extension from the Chrome Web Store, represents Google's new solution for the problem of having too many bookmarks and no sensible way to handle them all.

The old bookmark manager, called Google Stars, is no longer available from the Chrome Web Store. When Bookmark Manager is installed, the user's bookmarks are transformed into snippets of Web page previews, instead of just the Web page names.

Adding the bookmark to a folder, and creating new folders, is now more intuitive. When users "star" a site in the URL bar -- the customary Chrome method of bookmarking -- it now pops up a menu to edit the page name, add details, or select a specific folder, letting the user tailor the content of the bookmark. Bookmarks are organized by default according to topic, or users can reorganize them however they like.

The new bookmarking star is also larger than the old tool, making it easier to spot all the added options. Users can even include a note reminding them of why they wanted the Web page saved. Also, bookmark folders will now be public and users can share links to them.

More Info About Links

Some early users are advising culling little-used bookmarks before installing Bookmark Manager, since each bookmark will take up more space and lead to more scrolling.

The extension's design includes subtle animations reminiscent of those in Google Drive, with a "New" button on the left with the navigation under it. Each bookmark is assigned an image and description in the user interface. When users bookmark a page they can also save an image and...

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