A Crowdfunding Platform for T-Shirts and Stickers

Known as "the front page of the Internet," Reddit is moving into new territory with the launch of a crowdfunding platform called Redditmade. Announced on Wednesday, the platform rolling out in open beta allows Reddit users to design and create t-shirts, sticker packs, books and other items with the help of monetary pledges from other Redditors.

The new Redditmade site has much in common with other crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. On Redditmade, however, each campaign's goal specifies how many copies of the product the creator wants to sell, rather than how much money he or she wants to raise.

Creators of campaigns have 30 days in which to reach their goal of would-be buyers. If they reach that goal by the deadline, Reddit will produce the item for sale and the creator can either keep the profits or donate them to a Reddit charity fund.

'Long Wishlist of Dreams and Goals'

While anyone will be able to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the platform, Reddit said it designed Redditmade as a way for subReddit communities -- separate areas with moderated discussions on everything from bitcoins to Android to "Today I learned" -- to create official merchandise for their sections.

Official subReddit crowdfunding campaigns led by a section moderator will received a "featured" designation, and can also receive free advertising on the associated subReddit if space is available. If other members of a subReddit community create a campaign specific to that section, Reddit will notify the moderator to ask whether he or she wants to endorse the proposed product as an official subReddit item.

Reddit said it has a "long wish list of dreams and goals for Redditmade." It is also asking Redditors for their comments and suggestions, and has posted a feedback form to users to describe their experience...

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