8 Tips for Customer Contact Center Success

Customer service is evolving and technology is working hard to keep up with the rising demands for omni-channel contact. But at the end of the day, customer service still relies at least as much -- if not more -- on the personal touch as on the technological advances.

Consider the statistics: The cost of poor customer service in the United States is a whopping $41 billion a year, according to cloud contact center firm NewVoiceMedia. And although omni-channel contact is vital, 68 percent of all contact center communications is still handled via the telephone. By comparison just 3 percent is handled via social media channels.

Against that backdrop, Matt Kresch, director of product marketing for service by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has been offering some strategic tips for customer contact center success. We?EU?ve outlined eight of his best suggestions below.

1. Conduct Business Your Way

Your customer service solutions should ultimately echo the key principles that make your company great, according to Kresch. That way, you are at least as likely to retain customers -- even customers who have issues -- as you are to attract customers in the first place.

?EU?Find the places where your current service solution and your corporate ideals don?EU?t line up, then figure out how you can bring concept and reality into alignment,?EU? Kresch said in a blog post. ?EU?This could mean improving how you match customers with like-minded representatives, developing a proactive approach to onsite service visits, or anything else you see as a cornerstone of your business.?EU?

2. Find Your ?EU?Sound?EU?

After you settle on the right solution for your firm, you need to do more than load it out of the box -- you need to customize it for the needs of your specific customers, according to Kresch.

?EU?Look for areas where you and your department excel, and tailor your tools...

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