4 Steps for Leveraging Mobile To Better Connect with Customers

If you imagine your mobile-optimized website as one of the doors to your business -- and you're like most retailers -- more people walk in that door than any other to your business. Mobile is the busiest storefront for most retailers today, as people spend 51 percent of their time online on mobile devices.

Our smartphones and tablets are our most intimate and personal devices and our constant companions. Pew Research Center shows 90 percent of cellphone owners carry those devices with them for large portions of their day. Given the shorter attention spans of today's customers, these dynamics have completely redefined how they move through the sales funnel.

On their first visit to an online retail site, 16 percent of consumers skip stages -- leaping directly from awareness to purchase -- and almost 30 percent enter mid-funnel, fresh from purchasing on another site or from a link on social media.

In this environment, where strategic omnichannel marketing is more important than ever, smart retailers are paying close attention to how the mobile journey influences purchasing decisions.

Incorporating Mobile Into Retail

Mobile can improve the customer experience in a variety of ways. Using mobile, you can help customers accomplish goals faster and find what they're looking for more easily.

What's more, you can surprise and delight them with a seamless experience that recognizes past shopping behavior. The ability to leverage individualized data allows you to reward repeat customers with customized content and targeted promotions via mobile.

Here are four ways you can incorporate mobile -- the thread that runs through most aspects of people's daily lives -- into your online retail experience to provide a consistent brand voice across all channels.

1. Invest in systems to track digital influence on in-store sales. Whether building your own or partnering with a solution provider, consider investing in systems that will...

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