15-Inch MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals Zero Upgradability

Despite featuring a larger trackpad and the Touch Bar, the 15-inch MacBook Pro is very limited when it comes to repairing the notebook and upgrading it as well. iFixit managed to get their hands on the latest and greatest notebook from Apple and tearing it down revealed some very interesting decisions that went into bringing this mobile powerhouse to consumers.

First off, the Touch Bar that you guys were so coveted to seeing, it is difficult to replace when damaged and chances are the notebook is not going to be covered under warranty if the company finds out physical damage has been inflicted onto it. The notebook is also limited to 16GB of RAM because Apple focused more on providing battery life to the public then adding unnecessary amounts of memory. Well turns out that the company did this for a reason, and we'll be talking straight about the battery capacity. The cells are glued to the metal frame of the notebook and prying it is definitely a challenge.

Another thing that was found out was that the processor, RAM and flash memory are all soldered to the logic board of the 15-inch MacBook Pro, so if your initial plan was to upgrade the MacBook Pro down the road, then you're out of luck completely. Here's another fun fact for you; if the logic board fails, then so does everything else on the MacBook Pro, and that also means the precious data that you were carrying around, so make sure that you have some extra USB-C dongles and external storage for backing up your data from time to time.

Overall, iFixit gave the repairability score of the MacBook Pro as 1 out of 10, meaning that the notebook is extremely difficult to repair and if damaged, then you will have to go down...

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